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3 Renovations To Add Value To Your Property

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It’s no secret that 2020 has been one crazy ride. The housing market has experienced better days and people have been stuck inside their homes for months.

However this ‘new normal’ has also given people time, which they didn’t have previously, allowing for households to renovate and improve their property – which can only be a positive outcome when buyers and sellers can re-join the hunt for their next property.

If you’re hoping to get your property on the market again and want to have a go at renovating before you put up the For Sale sign, here are 3 home renovation ideas you can do to add value to your home.

Kitchen Diner Living Space

A popular type of space with couples and families, open space living areas give you the best of both worlds; easy access to the kitchen but without compromising on spending quality time with your family, as you’re well, still in the same space.

It’s quite a modern transformation and one that will require the appropriate planning – especially if you have to knock a few walls down, but the result can be very beneficial and even better if it backs on to the garden.

In some cases a new kitchen alone can add at least £5,000 to a property but as kitchen diners are quite sought after you might find someone willing to pay more in order to secure the property.

Office space

If you have a spare room that isn’t doing anything useful, you might want to consider transforming it into an office space. Although this probably won’t require any walls being knocked through, it might require some fresh walls, furniture and new flooring and maybe even new wiring and sockets for internet and phone lines (should it require it).

Although you lose a bedroom, the right buyer may find this space incredibly practical and suited for their needs, especially first time buyers or young professionals who are yet to start a family, the extra bedroom may not be necessary for a couple.

Another reason to turn your spare room into an office is the fact that due to Covid-19 more people have transitioned their work life to work remotely at home. Having this type of space already set up will be an attractive feature for someone who will continue working from home.

Utility Room

Who doesn’t want extra space to put appliances which take up quite a bit of space, especially in small kitchens, which leave little room for other things such as dishwashers? If you can create a utility space big enough to home these appliances and some extra storage space, a utility room can add some real value to a property, especially for buyers who have children.

To add additional value, planning in a downstairs toilet in your utility could be a big hit with buyers. A simple room with a toilet and hand basin can be arranged in the smallest of areas, most commonly under stairs or if by creating a ‘new room’ by wall placements in hallways or utility spaces.


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