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Estate Agent Guide: Where Are People Buying Property In Manchester?

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An estate agent’s guide to where people are buying and selling in Manchester.

It is fair to say that 2020 has been a difficult year for property in the UK. After a period of sustained growth at the start of 2020 and after a period of relative stagnation, this quickly changed, in no small part due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the most pressing and concerning issues in early 2020 was the impact to house prices – with large decreases expected – after the market took a significant downturn which had many people worrying about selling their homes.

However, as we enter the back end of the year looking forward to 2021, a sense of confidence has returned to the market, despite a small decrease in house prices nationwide, with more homeowners and buyers re-entering the market looking to buy and sell homes across the country.

With that in mind, using our own internal data, we have analysed and compiled a list of the most popular and in demand areas of Manchester where the demand for buying and selling has increased dramatically over the last six months.

Manchester City Centre

Home to an ever-growing population of residents Manchester city centre is home to a range of leading museums, theatres, galleries, shops, bars, and restaurants and has become infamous for its Media connections and appealing lifestyle offering.

Recent data collected over a six-month period has showed that interest in Manchester City Centre has grown by an average of 30% compared to the previous six-month period, continuing the growth seen in recent years.

The increasing population has meant that demand for homes in Manchester is at an all-time high, helping to drive up property process which are now in excess of £215,000 on average. This demonstrates an almost 32% increase on the average property in the region which is only expected to grow throughout 2021 as Manchester continues to thrive post-pandemic.


According to our data Denton has received a huge 62% increase in people looking to buy and sell property over the last six months, when compared to the previous 6 months.

Denton is one of the most popular places for homeowners and buyers in the east of Manchester and has been for a number of years. Situated just five miles away from the main city centre, Denton is a prime residential area with excellent transport links in and out of the city.

Historically, house prices have been significantly lower than the city centre, as expected, but have been steadily increasing year on year due to the popularity of the area with the average house price in Denton now at just over £160,000.


Despite being less popular than Denton overall, our data has reported that Audenshaw has received a 78.95% increase in interest in regard to available property and potential viewing interest over the last six months with a further increase expected in the new year.

Also located in eastern Manchester, Audenshaw is famously a Tameside town renowned for the early-medieval earthwork running through it. The residential area of Audenshaw has received a sustained period of growth over the last year with average house prices rising by 2.25% with three-bedroom detached properties now enjoying prices of around £263,000.

More modest options are available however with a three-bedroom semi-detached costing an average of £186,000, terraced houses boasting an average price of £132,000 and flats coming in with an average just over £100,000.


Perhaps one of the lesser-known areas on our list, Monton, we noticed this area had experienced large increases in interest over the last six months with an increase just shy of 41%.

Whilst the area remains less popular than Denton and the city centre, Monton is quickly becoming on of the most in demand areas in the West of Manchester with an influx of new shops, bars and restaurants all fighting to be a part of it.

Recent investment in the area has helped to create a surge in house prices over recent years and its proximity to the BBC and local hospitals make the area a desirable place to live. Currently a three-bedroom terraced house can easily cost an average of £300,000 with a four-bedroom detached reaching almost £1 million.


Ideally situated in west Manchester, Eccles has received steady growth in demand over the last few months even more so than MediaCity and Salford Quays despite being less popular historically.

Currently, our data shows that interest has increased by 10.96% over the last 6 months compared with the previous six months, with further growth expected in the new year thanks to its excellent transport links to surrounding areas and high levels of employment,

With regards to house prices, Eccles has recently experienced a small surge due to the promise of redevelopment with the average house in the area cost £167,860, although a detached house could set you back as much as £305,504.


Despite being one of the smaller areas on our list, our data reports that Partington has been one of the most successful in terms of interest growth over the last six months with interest growing a huge 110.81% over that period.

Situated in west Manchester around ten miles from the city centre, Partington is a quiet, parish town with excellent transport links to the local areas – Lymm and Sale – via the A6144. It has been the subject of steady growth in recent years with average house prices rising by a reasonable 1.5%

The current average house price is £134,000, whilst detached houses can cost up to £190,000 depending on exact location and condition. The property types that has experienced the highest growth, however, is semi-detached properties with the average price currently sitting at £143,808 – an increase of 3.17% year on year.

Overall, our data has established that the Manchester area has seen significant growth post-pandemic and has recovered well over the last six months. This sustained period of growth is expected to continue throughout 2021 as investment in Manchester, especially the surrounding areas, continues to increase, helping to make the are more popular.

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