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How Digital Signage is helping to improve the customer experience in Estate Agents

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Although technology and website property listings have changed the way in which people are able to browse properties and look at all of the details, almost three quarters of interactions with an estate agent still happen in store. With this in mind, estate agents are constantly looking for ways to improve their service, but to also improve the way that they operate. One of the best methods for this is to implement digital signage in store, enabling estate agents to present information and other relevant content in a way that will appeal to potential buyers.

Tailoring Content to Prospective Buyers

As many estate agents will have different offices in different locations, or maybe different departments with different focuses, digital signage allows them to tailor content that is perfect for the audience they are looking to sell to. Depending on what the audience may be interested in looking at, such as property type, investment type, specific locations, imagery or information, estate agents can create content that is relevant to them.

As the estate agency industry is very fast paced, it is important to be able to easily update the content that they push out to people. Digital signage is one of the best pieces of technology to allow them to do this, changing the content to keep information up to date, and displaying whatever they feel is necessary for that specific moment.

Bringing Innovation to your Estate Agency

More and more businesses are beginning to use digital signage within their business, but within the world of property, it is still a relatively new concept. Digital signage allows you to display content and information in ways that has never been seen before by investors or property buyers, meaning that you are likely to have the upper hand over your competitors.

As opposed to standard imagery and information being used in online property listings that may be viewed on a small phone screen; you are able to display videos and animations, as well as standard content, on a much larger scale. Digital signage screens are typically much larger than phone or tablet screens, meaning that customers have the ability to see properties in much more detail, helping them to make informed decisions that they may not have been in a position to do previously.

Capturing Attention and Increasing Customer Engagement

Digital signage has a strong reputation for capturing the attention of an audience, using different ways to appeal to them more than standard shop front advertising would. By using different forms of imagery, animations and colour, the signage can grab the eye of somebody passing by, triggering their interest and potentially encouraging them to speak with somebody.

As there are many different opportunities available with digital signage, companies that implement it often record increased levels of engagement. Not only can they use the digital signage and the content that it is displayed as a way to begin a conversation with a member of staff, but they can also use it to conduct their own research, providing a snowball effect to their level of interest. As well as this, social media can often be incorporated into the signage, allowing customers to not only see that the estate agent is active on social media, but encouraging them to share information through their own social media.

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