How to keep your home secure

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Keeping the inside of your home secure starts with keeping the outside of your home secure. With that in mind, here are some tips on securing the access to your home to deter criminals and help to keep you, your family, your pets and your property all safe and sound.

Stop unauthorised access to vehicles

The closer a criminal can park a vehicle to your home, the easier it is for them to load it up with your property. As an absolute minimum, make sure that your driveway is well-lit. Using motion-sensitive lights not only saves energy (as compared to having lights running all the time), but it also acts somewhat like an alarm, in that, if you are in (and awake), you will see the light going on.

A smart parking barrier will act as a much stronger deterrent. Smart barriers are essentially barriers, which can recognise authorised users and deactivate themselves automatically to be driven over. They therefore offer a nice balance of security and convenience. Smart parking barriers have long been used in commercial environments, but they have now come down in size and price to the point where they are a practical option for the home.

Protect your car

You don’t want your car to be stolen either on its own or with your property inside it. Ideally, you’ll park it inside a garage, but even if you do, you want to apply extra safety precautions rather than relying just on the garage door. If you have to park your car on your driveway, then you definitely need to apply extra safety precautions.

You should use locks on your steering wheel and gear stick as standard. You might want to use a wheel clamp, but remember these have to be put on and taken off from the outside, no matter what the weather, whereas internal locking devices can be operated in the warm and dry. Last, but by no means least, a smart barrier will make life difficult for a criminal who wants to drive away in your vehicle (and is a lot more convenient than a wheel clamp).

For the sake of completeness, these will all reduce the likelihood of someone stealing your car itself. You will still want to avoid leaving desirable items in your car, or even giving the impression that they could be in your car, otherwise thieves could try breaking your windows to get access to them. In principle, a car alarm might deter them, in practice you’d probably have to hope that someone reacted to it and startled the criminals into leaving.

Secure your outbuildings

Your outbuildings probably contain all kinds of tools which are both valuable in themselves and which could be used to break into your home. You therefore need to deter thieves from accessing them.

As an absolute minimum, you want a decent lock on them, preferably a proper mortice lock rather than a padlock. You also want decent lighting on the way to them, again, motion-sensitive lights are convenient and cost-effective. Wireless alarms are now very affordable and you can also buy battery-operated security cameras. If you are going to go for the WiFi-enabled versions then remember that they need to be set up properly in order to be totally secure.

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