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How to present your home online & understand your buyers needs

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With the property market starting to get back on its feet after the current lockdown restrictions, it’s time for households to start putting their property back up for sale, but what if you’re not utilising the market as best as you could. Here are some handy tips to prepare your house and understand what house buyers are looking for.

Good Presentation

Looking at houses online is not too dissimilar to looking at a hotel you fancy staying at for the night. One thing that will catch your eye immediately is how the place looks. Is it clean? Can you tell they’ve looked after the place?

This is important now more than ever, especially due to Covid-19. The BBC reported on this matter and showed that the types of things buyers want have changed due to being in lockdown, where a garden or some form out outside space, has risen to the top of a buyers list.

Presentation comes into this because if you know what buyers are looking for, these are the spaces you sort out first, as someone might compromise for a slightly outdated living room with a spacious clean garden, over a modern living and a run-down yard.

It’s as simple as presenting the inside and outside of your home, like a showroom. This is because it’s easy for buyers to get distracted by too much colour or big pieces of furniture, which some people simply can’t look past and envision their own décor throughout the home.

If you’re happy to spend some time and effort into updating both the inside and outside spaces, whether that’s a lick of paint using neutral colours or pulling away tired weeds that have taken over your garden, this can make a huge difference when it comes to viewing your house online.

High Quality Photographs

This sort of relates back to having a good presentation, but there’s no point in updating your place only to upload poor, low quality photographs which don’t enhance the rooms within your home.

Good quality images are going to be one of the first things that will catch a buyer’s attention and especially now after the lockdown measures, good photographs that showcase the features within your house have never been more important.

Photographing your house yourself is possible but there’s a trick to how estate agents create the perfect pictures, so ask for help with this feature if you can.

Paint a picture

Although a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s still a good idea to give the best possible description of your property to make a buyer become invested in the space you have available.

Especially now as we’re learning that a buyers requirements are changing, if you have a spare room, sprucing up the description to let the buyer know it could be used as a home office and not just another bedroom, lets the buyer place their own ideals with that space.

The description should also let a buyer know about the location of your property, again referring back to new buying habits, if you live near an open green space that allows for dog walking or picnics in the park this in itself could sway a buyer over another property.

Fair Pricing

One feature that could turn a buyer away from viewing your property is the price. If they believe your property is over-priced for what you’re offering you may find the number of viewings to be low.

There will be some buyers who can see the potential but will more than likely put in an offer which is under the asking price and if you’re not open to negotiation, you might experience a longer time of being on the market.

Author Bio

Simon Hardingham is the sales manager of Manchester estate agents; Indlu. Indlu offer a no sale, no fee estate agency service in the North West as well as a free online property valuation to find out how much your house is worth.

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