Is your business your home? How to keep them secure through lockdown

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The current outbreak of COVID-19 has had detrimental effects for a number of businesses with many wondering how their businesses will remain safe during these times of great risk and uncertainty.

However, many business owners now have a combined business and home space whether that is an extension for an office space or a separate building on your land. With that in mind, security during the COVID-19 outbreak should be your top priority as it is not only your business premises at risk but your home as well.

During the COVID-19 outbreak there is a greater risk of certain crimes to business buildings and premises as well as private land. Whilst this is often the case due to the fact that many businesses have been forced to close, crime is still a risk due to the absences of law enforcement due to illness and quarantine.

How can you keep your land and business safe?

With the amount of land and premises you may have to secure, choosing and monitoring a security system may be a near impossible task. There are the obvious security solutions such as alarms and there are some sophisticated CCTV systems available which allow you to closely monitor your land, but these security solutions don’t prevent would be criminals from accessing your land and your premises.

This raises the question; what security solutions are available to you as a business and home owner?

Security gates and barriers:

The installation of a security gate or barrier can prevent criminals from even accessing your land and will aid to protect your business from potential crime such as theft and vandalism. Whilst security barriers are a good choice to prevent pedestrian access, they are also the preferred option for preventing vehicle access and a security gate may be the better option for preventing access entirely.

Furthermore, sophisticated security gates are available with optional access control devices such as an intercom system or a keypad which can add an extra level of security and allow you to monitor your land from within your home.

Access control systems:

There are also a variety of access control options that you can use to monitor security remotely and these are useful with a range of security gates and barriers.

The range of access control options available includes a number of devices such as keypad security, card readers, intercom systems and radio control. These all require remote input from you, the business and land owner, and allow you to have complete control over who has access to your premises.

Whilst these options are preferred, the most suitable choice will depend on a variety of factors including your existing security measures and your available budget. It is also recommended that you have multiple security systems in place and many business owners choose to pair a form of access control security with CCTV monitoring to ensure that should anything occur, it is monitored and recorded and can be used as evidence if necessary.

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