More than 70% of Brits are put off by this when viewing a property

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Property viewing is an important part of the buying/renting experience. Primarily, property seekers want to assess the condition of a potential home and envision themselves living there before progressing to make any firm decisions on buying or renting.

With this in mind, it should be the responsibility of the landlord or existing owner to make the interior and exterior of the property as enticing as possible by fixing any minor and major issues. Afterall, it would be in their best interest, if they really want to maximise on the value of their property when putting it on the market.

Interested in property viewings, Sell House Fast company surveyed 1,266 Brits who have been to several viewings over the last year (August 2018 – July 2019) to discover the aspects that makes a property less appealing to them. found that extensive cracks/marks/stains on walls/ceilings/floors leaves the biggest negative impression on Brits at 76%.

Thereafter, 71% are dissatisfied when they find fixtures (e.g. sink, toilet etc.) in the bathroom not functioning properly (e.g. low water pressure, no flush etc.).

In third position, 66% are perplexed and unhappy when they see exposed wires. Understandably so, as it is a serious safety hazard. Whilst 63% are cautious about a lot of the flooring being damaged/broken/uneven.

Interestingly, with it being the focal point in a home for many individuals, heavily damaged/broken/worn out kitchen cabinets/cupboards hinders the prospects of a property for 54% of Brits. Slightly below, 49% are unimpressed when they see extensive mould in the bathroom.

On the other end, broken/missing handles on doors/cabinets/cupboards surprisingly deters the quality of a property for 15% of Brits. Just above, damaged/worn out/stained/torn floor carpets is a worry for 18% of potential buyers/renters.

Additionally, surveyed representatives from estate agents to find out the quick and cost-effective ‘fixes’ that individuals can carry out to make their property significantly more enticing during viewings.

From this, Sellhousefast found that nearly three quarters (73%) of estate agents suggest thoroughly cleaning household appliances such as the fridge, microwave and oven before a viewing.

Mayur Shah an Estate Agent from London said: “Those viewing properties can be extremely judgemental. If they see multiple household appliances in a less than satisfactory state, they will then conclude that the current occupiers have not looked after or adequately maintained other parts of the property. So, my advice is to pay equal attention to cleaning the small as well as big features – as they together form an overall picture of the property”.

Subsequently, 68% strongly recommend making the garden as presentable as possible by taking actions such as mowing the lawn, removing weeds and trimming any overgrown hedges/bushes.

On this point, Mayur Shah commented: “Property seekers now more than ever before place a real emphasis on gardens. In some respects, putting the same light on a garden as they would with other rooms inside the property. With respects to the garden, my recommendation is to always remove dead plants, cut unappealing shrubs, mow overgrown grass, add colourful plants, get rid of litter and replace any damaged fences before conducting any viewings”.

Moreover, 59% of estate agents believe taking down family photos and artwork allows prospective buyers/renters the chance to better imagine themselves in the property and in the moment, makes it feel less like it is someone else’s property.

Similarly, 51% think removing bulky furniture (e.g. sofa, dining table etc.) in the mains rooms of a property – will not only create the impression of extra space but give those viewing the property a better idea of how they could utilise the space to best meet their living needs.

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