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We regularly receive a large number of off market investments from our recommended property sourcers based across the UK from the South East and South West through the Midlands and Wales in to the North East and North West with all major cities often covered.

With huge demand for property in London we can find you the best investment deals in the capital city and although supply is often short quality is always our main aim with investors acting fast to snap up the best deals.

In cities like Birmingham and Manchester we have regular supply of below market value stock with apartments and houses targeted specifically for investors incentivised with low prices, huge capital appreciation potential and high rental yields for landlords to target.

We also have investment property supply in student cities like Leeds, Liverpool, Nottingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Southampton, Cardiff and Bristol with all major University towns covered each offering great (often guaranteed) rental returns with modern purpose built fitted facilities incentivising tenants for landlords looking to buy to let.

As well as purpose built rental property we also cater for those investors that enjoy a bargain with huge discounts available on houses and flats from terraced and semi-detached properties in towns like Burnley, Middlesbrough, Northampton and Hull to apartments and flats in locations like Preston, Sunderland, Wolverhampton and Swindon.

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How it works?

Because our property deals are often below market value and catered specifically for investors who like a bargain investment, many of the properties we receive from our exclusive list of sourcers will be sold without the opportunity ever making it onto the market (or indeed our website).

This is why we refer to the properties as ‘off market investments’.

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