Property Investment Markets

Properties by Type

We work with a huge number of property investors to find them exactly the type of property they are looking for in order for it to fit within their remit.

That’s why we offer a large number of investment alternatives from the traditional two up two down buy to let investment properties of high yield and low risk to the likes of student & professional living short term tenancy property to holiday lets and higher risk but higher reward HMO investments and more.

By finding property through type it allows you to focus on your area of investment niche whether you want to be hands on ie purchasing a renovation project that you can self manage or flip or hands off where you can simply purchase a tenanted property without even viewing it instead relying on a managing agent to look after everything for you.

Our aim is to cover all bases when it comes to finding you the perfect property investment so understanding what types of property to go for is key to making the most of your own property investment goals.

Hands On Property

This is where the investor likes to get down and dirty, renovation projects, self-managing, do you want to interact daily with your tenant? Do you want to have a say in the design and build of your property? If so buying low to renovate and let out yourself or sell and flip on can be a very worthy and financially rewarding philosophy.

Hands Off Property

Don’t have the time to manage your property but still want the rewards from having an investment, hands off is the best way to purchase property for those in full time employment or for those who invest in cities not near to them. We recommend managing agents that look after your properties and tenants so that you don’t have to with rents often covering the mortgage for a nice healthy rental yield each month.

Off Plan Property

Buying at the off plan stage is often a great way to secure the best discount if you are happy to wait for your returns. Often higher risk it can be very rewarding placing down an initial deposit to secure the property at a lower rate whilst benefiting from capital appreciation during the build process. Then on completion whether you flip for profit or rent out your new build is up to you. Developers can often guarantee rents on completion which is also attractive for investors.

Student/HMO/Multiple Let Property

To secure the best rents you can let out your property to more than one occupant which depending on the size of property and recommended room rates can often double, even triple your monthly rental yield. HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) Investing has became increasingly popular over the years with investors targeting nurses, teachers, foreign nationals etc to each rent a room in their property individually whilst student lets have moved on to individual pods and units, often priced much cheaper than traditional apartments the yields can be equally as attractive with better returns on investment through rent.

Traditional Buy To Let Property

The bread and butter properties are often those let out long term to young families with houses and flats under the national price average each yielding a healthy return often with minimal void periods due to the longevity of their tenancies whilst you the landlord enjoys the benefit of capital appreciation. A lot can be said for other forms of investing but many a successful property investor will base their portfolio on these types of properties.

Showhome Property

One of the newest forms of property investment we’ve had in recent years is the rise of showhomes where developers allow you to purchase a brand new property whilst renting it back from you during the whole process of their ongoing works at site. These properties are often the first built but last sold hence the developers demand to be flexible with sale price whilst giving the buyer a fee back to rent out the space until no longer needed. Not only do you enjoy guaranteed rent until the builds around the developments are complete, you also get a brand new home fully decorated with fixtures, fittings and ornaments on completion.

Holiday Let Property

Another new way of investing which has rapidly increased since the birth of AirBNB and is the holiday let market and in particular the self-catering city centre apartments and houses that can now be rented out on a day-by-day basis. Whilst these properties need much more managing and upkeep the rents can be massive with many properties earning between £100 and £200 a day ensuring a successful month of full occupation can earn you as much as £6,000 on your property.

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