Residential Buyer

Residential Buyer is a UK property off market property investment resource and news channel that covers Real Estate matters in the United Kingdom and overseas.

We aim to provide investment deals and below market value property along with news, views, statistics, reports, hints and tips on buying and selling property in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and also around the world.

With Property Market Predictions and mortgage & finance news to press releases and rental news including landlord advice and property market analysis we aim to cover a wide array of information related to property, real estate, investing and buying and selling homes in Britain and abroad.

With property news on Spanish Property, French Property, Turkish Property, USA Property and more from Europe, Asia and America we also cover regular property news including latest property developer information, real estate agency press releases, financial information through mortgage companies and brokers, landlord and tenants advice throughout the UK.

Covering the Midlands and the South East including London, Brighton, Essex, Norwich, Nottingham, Birmingham, Derby & Leicester property through to the South West and Wales with property news in Cardiff & Swansea, Bristol, Devon & Cornwall Real Estate.

We also highlight property news in the North West and North East including Lancashire & Yorkshire with cities like Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds, York, Newcastle all highlighted regularly.

Our news is based on property market latest information but we also have regular DIY and property renovation reports and cover properties of all shapes and sizes from flats and apartments to semi-detached and large houses for sale in the UK.

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Residential Buyer has been trading since 2012 and since helping over 50,000 people with selling their property we now focus on real estate news and the growing property sector within the UK.