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Three tips to help you find the right house

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Buying your first home must rank as one of life’s most exciting experiences and even when you’re buying a second or subsequent property, you’re still likely to feel a bit of excitement over the whole process. Of course, there’s a fine line between excitement and apprehension and the sheer size of the purchase can lead to buyers “over-thinking” themselves and becoming too nervous to put in an offer for a property because they fear that they’ll be making a mistake. This is perfectly understandable and the good news is, it’s easily avoidable, here are three tips to help you find the right house.

Be rigorous about your pre-selection process

Prior to the internet, buyers really did sometimes have to go and see numerous houses before they could be sure that they’d found the right one, because descriptions and floor plans only tell part of the story.

Now, however, we do have the internet, which means that, as a minimum, you can expect a decent selection of high-quality photos and even video is becoming increasingly common. All of this helps you to form a meaningful impression of a property before you even set foot in it and can therefore substantially reduce the number of properties you need to visit in person.

When you do go to see a property, make time to visit the surrounding area

Even if you live in roughly the same locality and think you have a good idea about what to expect from the location of the property, make time to visit the surrounding area in person anyway. In particular, take a good look at the nearby streets as well as the street on which the property is located, it can tell you a lot about what life is like there and, possibly most importantly of all, can give you some clues about your prospective future neighbours.

Not to put too fine a point on the matter, if you don’t like the neighbourhood then you probably want to pass on the property unless (and possibly even if) it’s absolutely perfect in every other way, by contrast, if you do like the neighbourhood then it might be worth compromising a little on what you want from a property.

Look for potential rather than perfection

It’s always possible that you’ll come across a property which is obviously absolutely perfect for you just as it is, but if you’re struggling to find one then the right house for you might simply be one which has the potential to create the lifestyle you want. When considering this, you need to be clear in your own mind about what you need, what you want and what doesn’t really matter.

Then you need to look at a property and be clear about what is fixed (e.g. the address), what could be changed with a bit of effort (e.g. the location of the kitchen and any bathrooms) and what could be changed quite easily (e.g. basic changes to the layout and/or use of rooms).

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