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Selling a home can be one of life’s more interesting experiences. On the one hand, as someone who’s already bought, you’ll know how strong the UK property market is and how much competition there can be for property.

On the other hand, you may not, yet, have had a chance to learn that buyers are generally looking to invest their money carefully and wisely, which means that selling a property can be more of a challenge than you might think it should be. Here are some tips to help.

Make it a priority to sort out your admin

You need to have an Energy Performance Certificate when selling a property and it can be sensible to get this sorted as soon as possible. Not only is that one fewer task for you to need to do later, it can also allow you to take steps to improve your property’s rating and have a new certificate issued to reflect the changes.

While this would be an extra cost, it could be worth it to increase the desirability and value of your home.

Similarly, when you actually have a buyer, you will have to make a legal declaration about the condition of your home. Basically, you have to let the buyer know of any issues which might cause them problems if they were to buy your home. If you address this early in the proceedings then you have a chance to double-check everything and take action if necessary.

Last but by no means least, making it a priority to sort out your admin early can make life a whole lot less stressful if you discover that you have lost something. For example, if you can’t find warranty paperwork issued by builders, you can just contact them and ask for a replacement without necessarily having to panic about it at the last minute.

Take the sales process seriously

There’s lots of great advice online about how to make your property attractive to buyers, but most of it revolves around the principle that presentation is everything.

Your home has to look good in photos (and these days possibly videos as well) and sound good in descriptions. When a potential buyer reaches your home it has to look good from the moment they first see it (i.e. from the outside) and it should also smell good or at least not bad.

Be careful with adding scents, however, remember people have different tastes and some people may have allergies.

Think before you accept an offer

Although estate agents are often thought of as marketing experts (which they are), often the time they really earn their fee is when offers come in and the seller has to choose the one which is right for their situation and then work through the process from offer to completion.

Probably the single, biggest decision a seller will need to make is whether to accept a higher offer from someone in a chain or a lower one from a cash buyer. There is no “right or wrong” here; it all depends on your appetite for risk, which is likely to depend on many factors including how much you value a quick sale.

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