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Top Tips to Sell Your Property During Winter

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When it comes to selling your home, it is easy to envisage pictures of your house bathed in sunlight, showing everything off at its best. However, we can’t all sell our homes in the summer, so what is the best way to sell property in the winter months?

Whilst the summer is typically the best time to put your house up for sale, the run up to Christmas is also a busy time for estate agents. Knowing the best way to present your home when the British weather is not on your side can be crucial.


The right lighting is the key to any good photograph, and the same is true when it comes to viewing a house in real life too. Fill each room with as much light as you can by keeping curtains open, turning on lights and making the most of your fireplace. This will not only show off all the best features of your house, it will make it feel warm and welcoming too. Keeping the heating on will help your viewers warm up to the house in more ways than one by making it appear cosy and relaxing.

If your house sale is during the festive period then be careful how you decorate your house. A few tasteful decorations are fine, but a potential buyer does not want to walk into Santa’s grotto, so remember that less is more.

Paint Me A Picture

The key to selling your house is presenting a lifestyle that will appeal to others. Neutral colours are inoffensive and so a splash of magnolia paint will help to freshen up your home and increase its appeal.

Your viewer wants to imagine their own things in your house, so try to keep clutter to a minimum. Lots of objects and mess can make a house feel smaller and make it difficult to see the house behind the things.

Unwanted smells is one way to turn a buyer off, so keep pets out of the way where possible. Having said that, don’t be tempted to mask the smell of wet dog with a scented candle as it may trigger allergies or sensitivities. One smell that is universally liked is that of freshly baked bread, so any more homely smells and a hot cup of tea will be much more welcoming to your buyer.

Summer Loving

We all know our homes look best in the summer, so try to dig out some pictures from when the sun was shining to show off some of your homes better features. This is especially useful for showing off a garden, conservatory or garden room as it allows viewers to see what they have to look forward to.

Just because the colder weather has come, it does not mean you can ignore your outside space. Make sure that any paths or gardens are tidy and free of weeds and leaves, and use any outdoor lighting that you have, especially if your viewing is arranged in the evening.

Do It Yourself

DIY may not be everybody’s favourite hobby, but sprucing up a few areas can help make your house more appealing. Shaky windows can be noisy and draughty so try to get on top of little jobs like this to avoid having anything that will put a buyer off.

If you get a covering of snow, make sure your path is clear and a mat is in place to stop wet footprints being spread around your house. Try to treat any icy patches as soon as you spot them as buyersliterally going head over heels, rather than head over heels in lovewith your property on a viewing, is far from ideal.

Selling a home in the winter can be effective. A buyer knows what to expect in the coldest, darkest months, so if it looks good then, it will create a wonderful first impression.

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