Transforming your home on a limited budget

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Whether you’re selling your house, planning to take advantage of the government’s “rent-a-room” scheme or just want your home to look a bit nicer, major updates can be expensive. Fortunately, there are some affordable ways to make your home both more attractive and more functional. Here are 5 useful tips!

Take “clear the clutter” to a new level

Everyone knows that clearing the clutter makes a home look bigger and better, but for most people there’s a limit to how much they can de-clutter, some items are genuinely necessary, even if they are unsightly. The solution here is to turn essentials into decor and how you go about this will depend on the nature of the essentials. For example, in the living room, you could try getting a decorative box, cutting a hole in it and putting your router inside. It will work just as well. In the kitchen, you could transfer foodstuffs into clear containers (put on chalk labels to remind you of what’s inside, you can change them easily if you need to). This can also help to reduce your storage needs. In the bathroom, mount a soap dispenser on the wall to clear counter space and so on.

Get busy with a paint brush

It’s possibly the oldest tip in the book but it works and it works hugely well. Giving your walls a new coat of paint can give a tired room a new lease of life. Alternatively if you don’t feel like pulling out a roller, create some new art. You don’t have to be a professional; you can even get creative with stencils and collages or just go for the abstract look.

Look up to your ceiling

For years, interior designers have talked about making use of the vertical space to compensate for the lack of floor space which is par for the course in many modern homes. Remember your ceiling too. You might use it to create extra storage, for example, you could get toys off the floor in a child’s bedroom by stringing a hammock across the walls up by the ceiling and putting them in there. Alternatively, you could just treat it as a fifth wall and update its style. If nothing else, your ceiling is probably where a fair percentage of your lights are so try updating your lampshades, which can be done very affordably.

Make mirrors do it for you

After painting, this may be the next oldest tip in the book, but like painting it works. Mirrors really do make a room look bigger and brighter. If you’re really tight for space, try looking for attractive mirrored wall cabinets (like bathroom cabinets) to slip in some extra storage.

Bring in some greenery

These days, so many people have pollen allergies that even if you own your own home, you might want to be careful about bringing fresh flowers into it. Greenery, however, can really bring a home to life and the good news is that there is a wide range of plants which are very hard to kill, but if you really can’t keep plants alive at all, go for faux or even just pictures of them.

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